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We leave the Hacienda fascinated, we enjoyed so much every space, every moment and every meal, the place is spectacular, the rooms are awesome, the service is unique, always very friendly. Thank you all!

-- Familia Rodríguez Botello Aramburu

Step into a world of timeless elegance and enchanting celebrations at Hacienda Tacubaya. Marvel at the beauty of old architecture as you discover this hidden gem nestled among ruins. This hacienda is a true masterpiece, striking the perfect balance between the raw beauty of nature and the exquisite design of the architectural wonders within.

The secluded areas offer intimate spaces for unforgettable moments, while the charming nineteenth-century hand-painted stencils in the main house provide the perfect backdrop for a celebration unlike any other.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic wedding venue or an enchanting location for special occasions, Hacienda Tacubaya is the perfect destination. Step back in time and create memories that will last a lifetime in this unique and unforgettable setting.

  • 150 Guests

A snapshot of Tacubaya
Facilities Title
About Tacubaya
Parking Lot

Parking Lot for an event of up to 50 vehicles


Located 50 minutes from Merida


Capacity for an event of up to 500 people

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