Window to Design your Travel

We design and customize experiences for your passions and needs. Our traveling designer curates routes, expeditions, family retreats, and alluring special events. This gives you a window to design, in a dreamed-up way, your trip as a couple, a group of friends, or family.

Private cenotes exclusively for our travelers
Mystical Underworld

A refreshing destination where fashion, art, modern design, and sophisticated craftsmanship have developed a new trend. 

Exploring Merida with a foodie and novelty insight. In the last ten years, Merida has become a vibrant city, making a landmark of its colonial architecture and adding a modern twist to all of it: design, boutiques, restaurants, and streets. Home to a young, professional, and artsy international community, the lively evenings have an interesting offer to indulge with a tasting menu or an art and culture event. 


History and Cosmology

After more than three thousand years of history, Mayan manifestations of art and architecture are still revealing the mysteries of this grandiose civilization. 

Beyond the majesty of Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, and Uxmal, Calakmul, explore with deep savvy the surroundings and the underworld.

Nature and Adventure

The Yucatan Peninsula has 39 protected natural areas, covering a surface area of 2,977,752 ha of terrestrial ecosystems. Whether soft-impact or high-adrenaline experiences, it’s up to you to choose among a variety of activities on water and on earth. Explore with excitement the jungle, the cenotes, and the dark caves.

Daily Life

Don’t miss the must-see local markets and workshops. We will take you to the finest honey collectors and to the non-public space of milpas (backyard gardens). Each week, a farmers market parades a rare variety of exotic fruits and native plants. We will also visit workshops run by local potters, stone carvers, and weavers to find the most authentic handicrafts. 


Our nature reserves are among the most privileged landscapes to experience unbounded well-being and genuine excitement in the wilderness. Our collection’s lavish dwellings heighten pleasure and balance after a morning exploring, sporting, or just contemplating.