majesty through time
Tekik de Regil
Starting at
18,000 MXN per room 46,000 MXN full property

“When you arrive at Tekik de Regil for the first time, it causes amazement at the monumental splendor of his main house.”

-- Yucatán’s Government

A journey into the era of henequen, walking among past and present in the engine room and picturing these stunning machines working from light till dawn. Inside the magnificent Greco-Roman style church, you’ll find a quiet and special place where you’ll be stunned to listen to the echo of your steps. The art illustrated in the hallways serves as the perfect decoration and ideal welcome to the two suites and the underwater tunnel that connects your room to the swimming pool, where you can admire the stunning mural surrounding the main house.

  • Wi-fi

  • Gardens

  • Church

  • Bird Watching

  • Maya House

  • Engine House

  • 2 Rooms

  • 2.5 Bathrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Dining & Living Room

  • Swimming Pool

A snapshot of Tekik
Located In

Tekik de Regil, 30 minutes from Merida

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Pick Up & Drop Off

We can provide pick up and drop off service from the airport with an additional cost.

Meal Plan

All of our lodgings include the meals, and we can adapt to your dietary preferences.


Discover and enjoy natural refuges and the unique cultural mysteries in Yucatán.

Starting at $18,000 MXN per room